Greek, Hindi and Arabic Books, plus Other Foreign Language Books, for Children at Glottogon

Published: 21st December 2011
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In an effort to promote learning languages among the young ones, Glottogon inspires families to explore their language of heritage or discover a new language with their little ones through their multimedia resources. Their goal is to instil in children a love for languages so that they may become global citizens. They hope that through their educational tools, children will develop their multilingual skills for a better understanding of our diverse world.

Glottogon offers a range of foreign language books in their online bookstore. Aside from Chinese, Spanish and Italian, here are some of the languages featured in their online shop.

Greek Books for Learning Basic Greek

Greek is an Indo-European language. With a long documented history spanning over 3,000 years, the Greek language holds an important place and influence in European history.It is the official language of Greece and Cyprus and one of European Union’s 23 official languages. There are two principal dimensions in the linguistic varieties of Modern Greek. First is the sociolectal variation between the natural spoken language and the learned form; second is the regional variation between dialects.

Glottogon’s collection of Greek books include pop-up books and board books for babies or toddlers and picture and story books for older learners. Children will love them; the whole family will enjoy them.

Hindi Books – Getting to Know India

Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language. Widely spoken and understood by majority of the country’s population, it is the official language of the Republic of India. It is the common second language of Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad, Guyana, Surinam, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and is also spoken in other countries, especially those with Indian communities.Standard Hindi derives its formal and technical vocabulary from Sanskrit.

Glottogon offers Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu and Hindi books for children. There are also Hindi-English bilingual books and CDs/DVDs to assist with the correct pronunciation and accents.

Immersing in Arab Culture with Arabic Books

Arabic is a Central Semitic language. It has three main variants – Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial or dialectal Arabic. Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur’an; Modern Standard Arabic is the literary language commonly used by modern authors, spoken by the media across North Africa and the Middle East, and understood by educated speakers. Colloquial or dialectal Arabic is composed of the many national and regional varieties of everyday spoken language and used as an informal language.

Glottogon has an extensive collection of Arabic books that cover modern to traditional stories. They also have CDs and DVDs with great graphics. Their Arabic resources are fun and fantastic for the entire family.

Glottogon also has great educational materials for easy learning and fast understanding of other languages like Italian, English, Chinese, Indigenous, Spanish, Dutch and French. Through their interesting, innovative and winning books, they hope to open the doors into the magical world of languages. With cultural diversity ever present in today’s society, it is important that children will learn to accept differences – and a great way to achieve this is through expanding their language base for a better understanding of cultures and people.

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